College Resources

College Resources

Click here for a blank high school transcript for homeschoolers. It is in Word format so you can download and fill in as needed.

  • The student earns credits not grades as some homeschooling families tend to not give out grades. Although you could use grades if you like.

  • Add in any college courses they took as a high school student; extra curricular activities, or really any learning they did should be listed with a credit for the work.

  • Add more rows if you need to. This can be as extensive as you like. What is listed is traditionally what is required for high school graduation.

  • Think outside the box, if it took four years to cover a full year of a foreign language or biology, pick a year and add in 1 year of a foreign language with one credit or add it four times with a quarter credit each.

This was designed by Retta Dunalp and was intended for use in college applications. However, every homeschooled high school graduate should have one of these whether they go to college right after high school or not. They might need it later in life to prove they are indeed a homeschool high school graduate!

And of course there are many other resources on the internet for creating your child’d homeschool high school transcript!