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Home Study Forms

Home Study Forms

Following are the forms needed to submit and enrollment notice. You may not need all of these forms as the check list will explain. VHEN has created a couple of our own forms as they contain the actual references to the law. The law does not mandate that you use any one form. So you can create your own if you like. They law does not require how they are submitted so you can either submit them electronically or in a paper format.  Where ever possible we have given explanation so that you know why you must submit certain pieces of information. This list is the same list as what is on the Agency's Home Study web page.

Submission Check list

VHEN form: Home Study Enrollment Notice (Form A)

VHEN form: Independent Professional Evidence of Disability (Form B)

VHEN form: Signatures of those who will provide ongoing instruction (Form C)

Agency form: Assurance of Educational Legal Rights 

Agency form: Adaptations to the Minimum Course of Study (MCOS) 

Agency form: Minimum Course of Study (MCOS) 

End of Year Assessment Options

Licensed Teacher Expectations / Approved Standardized Achievement Tests