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We are always in need of proof readers, researchers, writers, and people who are willing to go to Montpelier when needed to show that homeschoolers are willing to go that extra mile. Much of what needs to be done can be done in your community and from your own home. Wouldn't you consider helping? Contact us through:  vt.home.education.network@gmail.com

Ways to help:

1. Find local support groups to list on the web site

2. Locate Vermont Resources to list on the web site

3. Let us know of homeschool success stories to list on the web site

4. Proof read court case checking for spelling errors many of them have to be scaned in and turned into a digital file. This process sometimes creates funny characters that need to be edited out.

5. Research on topics that are related to homeschooling comes in handy when talking with legislators. No one person can keep up with the research that it out there.

6. Do you know of interesting educational quotes?

7. Do you like to write?

8. Travel to Montpelier when needed to attend public hearings and visit legislators.

9. Are you tech savvy? Can you create documents for upload to the web site?

10. Are you good with Excel?

11. Most things can be done from home on a computer.

Thank you….